• Byzantine Churches
    Incredibly diverse
  • Ancient Theatre of Messini
    Ancient Messene
    The destruction and reinvention of a city
  • Mycenaen Era
    Ancient Mycenae
    A whole era in history
  • The Philippeion of Olympia
    Ancient Olympia
    A Temple dedicated to Zeus

About the Peloponnese

The Peloponnese, the most southern part of mainland Greece, a mere hour from the centre of Athens will bring you to the Corinth Canal. The Canal separates the Peloponnese from the mainland making it an island of beauty and interest.

"Corinth Canal"

Cities of Argolida

The vast contrast in scenery and the multitude of areas to visit in the Peloponnese make it a special place to visit. High mountains, long sandy beaches, fertile land with an abundance of agriculture, together with the rich history and archaeological sites abound make it an unresistable area to visit.

Sites to visit spread far and wide over the Peloponnese area shaped almost like a Mulberry leaf and it can be know as Morea (Greek for Mulberry Tree). To the west you will find Olympia, know to us all as the birthplace of the Olympic Games, Mystra, with its Byzantine Churches and famous paintings, Kalavrita with one of the very few rack and pinion railways in the world, making its way through the Virakios Gorge, Sparta famous for the Spartian warriors.

North of the Peloponnese finds you close to the Argolida, possibly the most known area of this peninsula due to the famous areas of Epidavros, Mycenae, Nemea just to name a few.


Ancient Theatre of Argos

Not only will you find historical sites in the Peloponnese but stretches of long sandy beaches, quiet coves, some of the cleanest seas in Europe, with is crystal clear, tantalising warm waters, catering to all tastes for a wonderful break or holiday.One other factor which makes the Peloponnese area so favourable, is not only the short journey from Athens and its own individual characteristic, but its' closeness to many islands laying in the Aegean, ArgoSaronic and Ionian seas, many of which can be reach by local ferry or cruise ship from ports on the Peloponnese.

Do not think of the Peloponnese purely as a summer vacation, spring offers an abundance of wild flowers, butterflys and birds while winter gives you the opportunity to try out the ski slopes and resorts, while mountains galore the hiker can also discover the beauty and attrraction of the Peloponnese.

Timelapse of Sites in the Peloponnese

Many thanks to Lucie Debelkova Photography for the use of the video.

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