Ancient Corinth

Visit Ancient Corinth, Acrocorinth steeped in history, Corinth was one of the richest cities of ancient times & controlled all the traffic to the Peloponnese.

Corinth Canal

Pass by the Corinth Canal on the small cruise boat or at least a photo stop on the road that apsses over the top, well worth the effort.

Ancient Asini

Ancient Asine, inhabited from pre-historic times and known to be the port where the Mycenaean ships left to go to Troy. Found in Tolo at the end of the beach.


The capital of Greece and steeped in history. Much to visit and a good idea to consider a guided tour to get the best out of the monuments.

Ancient Argos

Argos is one of the oldest, continually inhabited cities in Europe. There are ruins all over the modern town and definitely visit the ancient theatre.

Ancient Messini/Ithome

Wonderfully preserved ruins of the ancient city.. temples, theatre, stadium, santuaries and much more. The site has never been built on or destroyed.

Epidavros Theatre

The amazing Epidavros theatre with its unique acoustics where performances are held through July & August. See also the Sanctuary of Asclepios.

Ancient Nemea & Wine

Nemea, just 40 minutes away has a great archaeological site and stadium (better preserved than Olympia) and visit the world reknowned wineries for a tour and tasting.


The Rock of Monemvasia, accessible only by a causeway, with its hidden old town overlooking the sea is a picturesque, historical monument to Byzantine times.


Kefalari is just 20 minutes away and is the site of a church where the original was in a cave which is an experience to visit. Lovely, quiet surroundings.

Kalavrita Railway

Travel from Diakofto to Kalavrita through the mountains (literally in some places) on a rack and pinion railway. Kalavrita is a beautiful mountain village.


The first capital of modern Greece, Nafplio or Nafplion is just 15 minutes away. Wander through the Venetian streets, visit the Bourtzi or Palamidi.. see more.


Reputedly the centre of the earth, the Santuary and archaeological site are well worth a visit. A breathtaking site, about 3 hours from Vivari.

Ancient Mycenae

Agamemnon's Palace, grave circles and much, much more. Mycenae was one of the most influencial states of the ancient world giving us the Mycenaean era.


Just a couple of hours away and close to Sparta, Mystra is located on a hill and is a collection of Byxantine monasteries and churches. Lovely day out.

Ancient Olympia

Home of the Olympic games, Ancient Olympia has been preserved in detail and one needs a good few hours to see the whole archaeological site and museum.

Museum of Natural History | Ligourio

This museum is found on the way to Epidavros and is a privately owned museum exhibiting fossils, crystal, pre-historical tools and many other rarities.